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Wolfgang & Company: It's Adventure in the Kitchen

10:39 AM

Wolfgang & Company Logo
The foodie in us had one of the most amazing weekends at the Grub Fest. Among other things, a major highlight for us was the Wolfgang & Company. Though yet to open in Outer Circle Connaught Place, the place was already buzzing with people and brimming with some scrumptious food.

The stall displayed a part of the menu and believe you me, they have really set the standards high. Whether it is for the aesthetic sense or the quality of food or the vibe of the place, Wolfgang & Company has been successful in striking the right chord.

We were welcomed with some refreshing non-alcoholic shots. I totally loved them for the simple fact that such cute things on a hot summer evening are a great way to brighten you up. The chef's done a great job with the flavours. :)
Beetroot Salad - Wolfgang & Company
Beetroot Salad - Wolfgang & Company
The first thing we tried was the unusual Beetroot Salad. Frankly speaking, I hate beetroot and I somehow had my prejudices while ordering this but they have really done something adventurous in the kitchen that I couldn't resist myself from having those guilt free mouthfuls of beetroot. It tasted as if it were marinated in cheese and left a very pleasant taste. A must try for the health conscious and the taste-conscious as it doesn't compromises at any level.

We then called for a drink called the Chocolate Man - White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Whiskey topped with marshmallows. Though a little strong yet the perfect marshmallows and the amazing glass made it a good try.

Chocolate Man - The Grub Fest
Chocolate Man

We then tried some chicken kebabs and veg quesadilla. The flavours and spices were just perfect and we can't wait for this place to finally open.

Chicken Kebabs

Veg quesadilla - Food Review
Veg Quesadilla
As we were leaving the place we got a glimpse of some amazing flair bartenders which re-affirms our faith that this place is going to be happening.

Bartenders Performance @ Wolfgang & Company Stall
Bartenders Performance @ Wolfgang & Company Stall
All in all, the chef has done some great experiments with flavours that make the menu stand out. We are eager for this place to officially open soon.

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