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6 Reasons Why Jamie's Pizzeria Should Be The Next Thing On Your Plate

10:37 PM

"Anyone who said that money can't buy happiness has clearly never spent their money on pizza"

If you agree that pizza is the ultimate face of satisfaction then here is an extra inch of it added to our life as Jamie's Pizzeria by Jamie Oliver has opened its doors at Ambience Mall in Gurgaon.  We were there to check it out as the first ever pizzeria byJamie Oliver deserves all the attention. Thankfully, it stood to our expectations.

Here are the 6 reasons why Jamie's Pizzeria should be your next check-in on Facebook:

Amazing Ambiance

The lively and rustic ambiance of the place is warm and welcoming. With large open kitchens and beautiful calligraphy on the walls, the place is similar in feel to Jamie's Italian.

Jamie's Pizzeria - Amazing Ambiance

Blend of Italian & Indian

It serves some of the hot-cakes from an Italian menu but with due consideration for the Indian taste buds. The ingredients for a lot of options on the menu seem to be chosen from an Indian kitchen. But, if you are looking out for Punjabi Italian then this place isn't for you. Despite the Indian ingredients, the food here maintains its Italian flavours.

Chilli Freak
A secret chilli sauce, crushed tomatoes, jalepenos, parmesan, chilli and mint make this pizza comparatively extra spicy 

Crust that Melts 

For most of the pizzas that we tried, the crust was super soft. You don't have to chew at all, it just melts in the mouth leaving behind the amazing flavours of rightly mixed toppings. 

Fresh Dough

Jamie is a chef who caress about health and taste both. Keeping his philosophy, they knead the dough daily and it shows in every bite of the pizza here. 
Jamie's Pizzeria - Marinara
The pizza without cheese, MARINARA

Food Full of Flavours

Unlike what we have always had as a pizza, Jamie's Pizzeria likes to keep its pizzas simple but brimming with flavours. So there might not be 'n' number of pizza toppings but you will surely enjoy the right flavours. The sauces and cheese don't make the pizzas heavy but just add more delight to the taste. In fact, the Marinara pizza (pizza without cheese) is also perfect and won't disappoint you but will rather surprise you with its taste.

Jamie's Pizzeria - Stargazy
Prawns with a tinge of lemon are unusual but taste perfect :)

Surprisingly Affordable

Despite being an international brand offering amazing food, Jamies' Pizzeria doesn't burns your pocket. The pizzas come in an affordable range of Rs 199 - Rs 449, appetisers are available within a range of Rs 129 - Rs 249 and salads and side at Rs 129 - Rs 149.

Jamie's Pizzeria - Margherita Jamie's Pizzeria - Garlic Bread
Recommended: Hand-stretched garlic bread with rosemary and an olive tapenade, Courgette Promodoro, Marinara and Stargazy, Epic chocolate brownie vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce
Address: 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

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